No Expectations

Last night for the first time in a while i went out with a group of friends… or more dragged out as i had other thoughts on a nice cosy night it. But I hardened up and committed to what i thought was going to be just another average night out on the town. Well, i was wrong. In what i thought had to be one of the dullest cities- it turned out that it actually had something pretty cool to offer. We started out at on a rooftop bar at The Aviary, with mango and pineapple cocktails called La Rossa while standing next to fires staying perfectly warm- incredibly with a magnificent view of the streets below. The different perspective you get from up high is remarkable- the details on the old buildings and the embossing is beautiful.

We then went on to see a friend of a friends band play at The Bird. As we were waiting outside in line for an age (in which time the pros and cons of staying or going somewhere else/ the closest bottle shop for wine, were discussed at length) we finally got in. I was really not fussed at all about going- after all i knew nothing about them or their music. And so i went in with no expectations. No hint of what i wanted from the night or the music. I felt so impartial to the whole situation.

Then they played their music video as it was the launch, and my jaw dropped. These guys are good i thought. Then they actually stared playing and i could not have enjoyed it more. From the melodic guitars to the bass kicking in with the sweet synth overlay and a voice raw and honest- it was like falling in love. I honestly think my thorough enjoyment came from my total lack of prior conjecture.

So thank you Anton Franc for a wonderful night, you made me smile.

Thanks for a great night guys 🙂

Also check out their music video for ‘Letting Go’- it’s stunning

For more info on The Bird
The Bird on Urbanspoon
or The Aviary
The Aviary – Nest Rooftop Bar on Urbanspoon


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